iRULE – True-Client-IP Block

Sometimes a customer may serve the content from a Virtual Server via Akamai and may want to block a specific client IP that is presented in the “True-Client-IP” that is inserted by Akamai. The following iRULE would provide the required functionality:

when HTTP_REQUEST { set HOST [string tolower [HTTP::host]] if { ([HTTP::header exists "True-Client-IP"]) and ([HTTP::header "True-Client-IP"] != "") } { set True_Client_IP [HTTP::header "True-Client-IP"] } else { set True_Client_IP } if { [class match $True_Client_IP equals CLASS_BLOCK_IP] } { discard } }

Discard would silently drop the connection. Reject can be utilized instead of Discard. Reject would send a TCP reset to the client. Instead of Reject or Discard, we can also serve a sorry page or a redirect, if required.

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