F5 Error – bcm56xxd

Oct 20 10:08:16 local/lb01 err bcm56xxd[3506]: 012c0011:3: I2C SFP operation failed: dev:0xee at :228, errmsg(Operation timed out)

This specific error is benign. bcm56xxd has a thread that checks every 5 seconds to see if there is any units plugged or unplugged on all the SFP and XFP ports by accessing the GPIO pins attached to these SFP/XFP ports via the I2C bus.

The plug check does not disrupt the traffic flow on an existing port.

If the system is busy some I2C operation may time out as the I2C bus becomes overloaded.

bcm56xxd – The switch daemon configures and controls the Broadcom 56xx switch chips.



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