F5 Code Upgrade Steps

This is a rough template of F5 Code Upgrade steps that could be of help for your maintenance work.

  1. Before performing any F5 code upgrade, make sure that the “Service Check Date” on the device is AFTER the License Check Date for the new code version as listed here in SOL7727
  2. Upload the new code to the partition that you prefer on the F5.
  3. cpcfg to the new code version location – Example: cpcfg HD1.2

    Although “cpcfg HD1.x” has worked most of the times, I would recommend backing up the .UCS file in a remote location and also saving a copy in “/shared/tmp/<UCS File>“. After saving the UCS file in the “/shared/tmp/” location, you can utilize “load /sys ucs <path/to/UCS> no-license” to load the configuration as noted in SOL12880

  4. Reboot.This will take about 5-10 minutes for Hotfix updates and about 15-20 minutes when migrating major code version.

Recommended maintenance window is about 1 hour. This could change depending on any application level testing that you would like to incorporate within your maintenance window.


F5 Code Upgrade – 10.x to 11.x

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