F5 Virtual Server – Order of Precedence

The VS order of predence differs with code version and the tm.continuematching db variable. This tm.continuematching db variable is set to false by default and hence, a lower predence VS does not handle the traffic if there exists an higher predence VS in a disabled state. If the traffic has to be handled by lower precedence VS when the higher precedence VS is disabled, we would have to set this db variable as true:

11.x Code Version:

(tmos)# modify /sys db tm.continuematching value true
(tmos)# save /sys config

9.x – 10.x Code Version:

bigpipe db TM.ContinueMatching true
bigpipe save all

The order of predence for VS processing for different code version is provided below.

Order of Precedence for code version: 9.2 – 11.2.x


Order of Precedence for code version: 11.3 and later

Order Destination Source Service port
1 <host address> <host address> <port>
2 <host address> <host address> *
3 <host address> <network address> <port>
4 <host address> <network address> *
5 <host address> * <port>
6 <host address> * *
7 <network address> <host address> <port>
8 <network address> <host address> *
9 <network address> <network address> <port>
10 <network address> <network address> *
11 <network address> * <port>
12 <network address> * *
13 * <host address> <port>
14 * <host address> *
15 * <network address> <port>
16 * <network address> *
17 * * <port>
18 * * *

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    1. @Jetta1993: I think you are talking about vmware and I am talking about F5 Application Delivery Controller.

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