F5 Failover in AWS

F5 requires IMDSv1 in order to initiate failover between two F5 devices. IMDSv1 is susceptible to SSRF vulnerabilities as indicated in the AWS document. If IMDSv1 is disabled in AWS environment for security reasons, F5 failover will not be seamless and the F5 logs will have errors like this:

err logger[15542]: /usr/libexec/aws/aws-failover-tgactive.sh (traffic-group-1): Instance sanity check failed with error:

F5 is tracking support for IMDSv2 in AWS internally using ID 968657

Terraform in Ubuntu

I have utilized the following steps to install terraform in Ubuntu 16.04

Download Terraform for Linux 64 bit version.

Save the downloaded version in a specific folder. (Example: /home/user/terra)

Within the folder where the downloaded version is saved, use “unzip” command:

unzip terraform

Set the path:

export PATH=$PATH:/home/user/terraform

Reference Link.