Inline IDS, WAF & CDN

Consider the following scenario when we have IDS deployed in “promiscous mode” (not “inline” with the traffic) with the ability to “shun/block” any malicious traffic based on the Client IP in the incoming packet. For any normal Client-Server interaction, malicious client IP will be blocked by the firewall after the IDS detects the attack and informs the Firewall to block the Client IP.

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If the site is being accessed via a CDN like Akamai, the client IP will be an Akamai IP address and the original client IP will be included in “X-Forwarded-For” header.

What if a Client accessing a site via Akamai starts attacking the site ? The IDS can be configured to auto-block based on the “X-Forwarded-For” header instead of the actual Client IP field. The IDS signature may be triggered and the IDS may send a “block” command to the Firewall.  So, IDS will send “Block <X-Forwarded-For IP>” command to the Cisco ASA Firewall or Cisco IOS Router and this will be implemented as a “shun <X-Forwarded-For IP>” on the Cisco ASA.

However, the Cisco ASA Firewall can block based on the Client IP address field in the incoming packet and not based on the “X-Forwarded-For” header. Thus, the IDS auto-block feature can fail for this specific type of deployment. Of course, you can manually block it or use a WAF 🙂

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IDS – Intrusion Detection System

WAF – Web Application Firewall

CDN – Content Delivery Network