Ansible hostfile Deprecated

While using Ansible 2.4.3 for the very first time after upgrading, I received the following error:

[DEPRECATION WARNING]: [defaults]hostfile option, The key is misleading as it can also 
be a list of hosts, a directory or a list of paths . This feature will be removed in 
version 2.8.

It looks like if you have hostfile = ./hosts within the ansible.cfg file, you would have to change it to inventory = ./hosts

Reference Link.

Ansible Playbook Optimizing

$ cat ansible.cfg 
hostfile = ./hosts
host_key_checking = False
timeout = 5 
log_path = ./logfile.txt
forks = 50
gathering = smart

pipelining = True

The above file shows the content of ansible.cfg file. I have added the following to make my playbook run faster:


Forks indicate the number of parallel processes spawned to communicate with remote hosts. Default forks is 5 in Ansible.

Gathering indicates the default policy for fact gathering. When “gather_facts” is True within the playbook, facts are gathered for each host. The facts associated with each host will be discovered only once even when the host is referred in multiple plays when we use “smart” within the ansible.cfg file.

Pipelining enabled will reduce the number of SSH operations required to execute a module on a remote host.