Concurrency Vs Parallelism

While trying to understand the difference between Concurrency & Parallelism, I came across this 30 minute talk by Rob Pike that clearly explains the differences.

My previous crude understanding of it was like this:

Usain Bolt’s personal best time for 400m & 100m is 45.28s & 9.28s respectively.

If we had 1 Usain Bolt running 400m at his personal best, we can cover 400m in 45.28s.

If we had 4 Usain Bolt clones running 4*100m in a relay style i.e., 1st 100m is covered by Usain Bolt-1 and the next 100m by Usain Bolt-2  and so on, it will take 4*9.58s = 38.32s to cover 400m. We save 6.96s (45.28-38.32) Concurrency !

If we had 4 Usain Bolt clones running 4*100m but this time simultaneously instead of the usual relay fashion, we should be able to cover 400m in 9.58s. We save 35.7s (45.28-9.28) : Parallelism !